But, Does He Stand By His Choice Of Selecting Them To Be A Part Of The Canopy Program Notwithstanding?

“Our investors very much fit that mold: they are high net worth individuals and they are family offices. We’ve got a total of about 40 to 45 investors who provide funding to our venture funds … and we protect them from immature entrepreneurs who are unable to get out of their own way.” We then moved on to discuss a few Canopy alumni who were not pleased with the results following the boot camp. “We make a lot of investments so I fully expect that 5 percent or 10 percent of our investments are going to go south and they’re going to end up failing. Sometimes those will cause some heartburn with different people,” the managing director answered. But, does he stand by his choice of selecting them to be a part of the Canopy program notwithstanding? Or does Tapman look back at it as a mistake? “I think it’s very easy to pretend like we made a mistake selecting some companies, but the reality is that you make decisions based on data that you have available at the time,” he said, sharing a sports metaphor. When a team wants to recruit a new athlete, it’s usually better to find a young man or woman with potential and invest in his/her future, instead of acquiring an extremely expensive, acclaimed athlete.

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