Cannabis Meets Crypto at Grapefruit’s New CBD Hourglass E-Commerce Store

By Grapefruit USA Inc.

Grapefruit’s customers who prefer to use Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Monero will now be able to “convert” their crypto of choice at checkout to make purchases at the Company’s new e-commerce store.

With respect to the Company’s novel acceptance of cryptocurrencies, Bradley J. Yourist, GPFT CEO, commented, “Grapefruit’s THC-free hemp-derived CBD Hourglass technology-driven products, just like cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, are the future, and Grapefruit’s acceptance of crypto as payment demonstrates GPFT’s outreach to the explosively growing demographic of crypto early adopters and other ‘younger’ buyers who also seek the holistic benefits of Grapefruit’s THC-free, hemp-derived Hourglass time-release CBD products.

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