CBD Unlimited Reaches 7.5 Million Wholesale Products Completion Milestone

CBD Unlimited Reaches 7.5 Million Wholesale Products Completion Milestone

CBD Unlimited, previously known as ENDEXX ORD (OTCMKTS:EDXC) announced a few days ago that it successfully achieved one of its major production milestones for 7.5 Million Wholesale Products to fulfill its initial demand requirements.

The announcement marks a major achievement for the company which deals with innovative phytonutrient food products as well as nutrients. The production milestone also marks another great quarter for CBD Unlimited and it hopes to achieve bigger targets before the end of 2019. The company has demonstrated its ability to run its production activities at full scale.

“Last year, we grew CBD Unlimited’s distribution to over 1,000 distribution channels. With full-scale production capabilities, we are confident that we will reach at least 5,000 by 2020,” stated Todd Davis, the Chairman, and CEO of CBD Unlimited.

The recently passed Farm Bill contributed to heavy market demand

Davis also noted that the Farm Bill which was passed into law in December last year played a role in the surging demand that the company experienced in Q1 2019. According to the CEO’s statement, the company’s national product reach has been growing. He also believes that this growth will allow the company to satisfy the high demand in the market. CBD Unlimited hopes to continue expanding its production capacity in line with the growing demand. The firm also expects demand to continue growing over the next two years.

CBD Unlimited has been nurturing a strong product portfolio

CBD Unlimited has two main technology products and services that it introduced in 2014, and two hemp-derived all-natural, consumable products that it develops and distributes to the market. One of the products is a trademarked, CBD-infused dog chew called Phyto-Bites. The product is designed to reduce inflammation, pain and separation anxiety.

The company recently introduced its Premium Blue Line CBD to retail customers in March this year during the 2019 ECRM Hemp/CBD Health & Beauty Care conference. The product is a duo-therapy and targeted-delivery product suite that features controlled dosing. The products have so far achieved a strong level of positive customer experience and can be fully scaled for mass market production as well as delivery.

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