Mayor Forstenhausler Speaks on Randolph Cannabis Subcommittee Decision


After several months of careful deliberation, the Randolph Cannabis Subcommittee in June recommended that the Randolph Township Council “opt-out” of permitting cannabis-related business licenses at this time.  Based on this recommendation, the Randolph Township Council introduced an ordinance at the July 8th Council meeting prohibiting cannabis-related businesses from operating in Randolph Township.  The public hearing and the final council vote on the ordinance are on the agenda for the July 22nd Council meeting.

All municipalities in New Jersey are required to take such action before August 21, 2021 or they will automatically be “opted in” to legislation allowing the operation of 6 different kind of cannabis-related businesses within their communities.  If they were to “opt in”, municipalities will be committed to that decision for a five-year period.  In contrast, municipalities that “opt-out” may reconsider their decision at any time in the future.

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