The Company Lost Nearly $22 Million In Its Fiscal Fourth Quarter Compared To A Loss Of $5 Million In The Prior-year Period.

Despite these soaring sales, though, Canopy Growth stock has fallen around 10% so far in 2017. Granted, that’s relatively insignificant when you consider that the share price is still up over 190% since the beginning of last year. However, investors should know why the stock isn’t growing as much as its marijuana crops and revenue are. One reason is that Canopy Growth’s bottom-line performance doesn’t look as good. The company lost nearly $22 million in its fiscal fourth quarter compared to a loss of $5 million in the prior-year period. One reason behind this bigger loss was Canopy Growth’s acquisitions activity. However, it is also spending a lot more money than in the past on sales, marketing, and administrative functions. In addition, the Canadian government announced in May that it plans to make significant changes to the medical Marijuana Stocks cannabis program . Those changes include authorizing more providers to supply medical marijuana in the country.

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